Our Vision
To effect improved equity for our pēpi, tamariki, rangatahi and whānau in health, wellbeing, prosperity and sustainability by shaping future food systems across Hawke’s Bay and nationally.

He wairua tō te kai

‘He wairua tō te kai’ – ‘there is life, wellbeing and meaning to be found in food’ welcomes all to participate in the cultural, spiritual and environmental aspects of food and nutrition, enabling an informed advocacy role around transforming food systems for children, whānau and communities in Hawke’s Bay.

Our Mission

Our research will inform how we can best influence future food systems using Mātauranga Māori and systems science to better understand, and support schools, whānau and community kai-related outcomes, creating flourishing, environmentally sustainable communities.

Our Pou

Mātauranga māori

Acknowledging the value and ethos of mātauranga Māori provides a deeper knowledge that can empower Māori, Pākehā and communities to change systems.

Children's Hauora

Taking a holistic approach to health as a key outcome measure, in particular in schools.

Work with Community

Working ethically and responsibly with communities in the design of initiatives and solutions.

Cohesion and Integration

Achieving collective thought, collective action; through connecting people, projects and initiatives.

Food insecurity

Across the community food insecurity is pervasive and so we will work to address this before focussing in on nutrition.

Start with schools

As an opportunity to act in a direct, meaningful and practical way to providing nutritious food and nutrition education.

Our Supporters

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