Manaora Rangatahi Guidelines Campaign

Kia ora! Welcome to the Manaora Rangatahi Guidelines Campaign. This unique initiative stems from the creative minds of rangatahi, who, seeking something more relatable than the existing Ministry of Health guidelines, have crafted 20 powerful messages of their own. Developed during two inspiring Noho held last year, these guidelines are a reflection of what resonates with youth today. They emphasise a balanced lifestyle that encompasses nutrition, physical activity, cultural awareness, and personal confidence. This campaign is not just about promoting healthier choices; it’s a celebration of youth-led innovation and empowerment. Join us as we support our rangatahi in this transformative journey towards a healthier, more vibrant future.

Key Messages

“Your Quick Guide”: Get an overview of the 20 essential messages that form the backbone of our campaign. 

“Deep Dive into Nutrition and Wellbeing”: For a comprehensive understanding, this document breaks down each of the 20 messages with in-depth explanations and references. 

Campaign Channels

Connect with us through our ‘Campaign Channels’ to stay updated and engaged with the Manaora Rangatahi Guidelines. Each platform offers unique content tailored to our audience’s preferences. Follow us on TikTok and Instagram for quick, inspiring snippets and updates. Explore our YouTube channel to access a comprehensive library of our videos – a central hub for all our visual resources. Click on the buttons below to join our growing online community and be a part of the conversation shaping the future of rangatahi wellbeing.

Voices of Manaora: Unveiling Our Messages

Hit play on our trailer to get a taste of ‘Voices of Manaora.’ This is your gateway to discovering the essence of our campaign through the eyes of our rangatahi. But there’s much more on the way. We’re set to release 20 videos, each dedicated to breaking down one of our unique messages in a way that’s both fun and engaging. Join our journey.

Te Karere Highlight

Exciting news – the Manaora Rangatahi Guidelines Campaign was highlighted on Te Karere! This feature shines a light on the remarkable efforts and voices of New Zealand youth, emphasising their drive towards a healthier future. It stands as a testament to the creativity and leadership of rangatahi, demonstrating their significant contributions. Watch the segment and celebrate the achievements of these inspiring young leaders. Let’s support the vision of rangatahi for a healthy and vibrant future together.


Our ‘Manaora Rangatahi Guidelines’ campaign is primarily geared towards rangatahi aged 13-24, reaching across Hawke’s Bay and extending throughout New Zealand. This initiative is focused on engaging and inspiring these young individuals, equipping them with valuable knowledge and tools for a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, we recognise the vital role of the wider whānau and communities in supporting and nurturing the wellbeing of rangatahi. Therefore, our secondary audience includes family members, caregivers, educators, and community leaders who play a crucial part in this holistic journey towards health and empowerment.


  • Nutrition & Wellbeing Interactive Guides: A comprehensive three-page format, with the first two pages designed for easy printing at home, covering core nutrition and wellbeing messages. The third page features links and QR codes directing to additional resources such as Instagram, TikTok, videos, further information, and in-depth explanations of the messages. Explore now.
  • A1 Comprehensive Wellness Summary: A one-page summary of the 20 messages, ideal for quick reference or large display poster. View now.
  • Nutrition & Wellbeing Explained (A4 with References): Delve into the 20 messages with detailed explanations and references, a perfect resource for understanding the foundations of our guidelines. Dive deeper.
  • A series of posters, each spotlighting one of the 20 key messages, designed for versatile scaling up to A1 size. View now.
  • The Roots of Our Logo: Discover the inspiration and story behind our logo. Learn more.
  • Voices of Manaora:  Witness the perspectives of our rangatahi through a series of videos, bringing the Manaora messages to life. Watch now.