Ka Ora, Ka Ako Value for Investment

Nourishing Hawke’s Bay is focused on conducting a Value for Investment (VFI) assessment for Ka Ora, Ka Ako. Our goal is to determine the value of investing in these initiatives by using an 8-step process developed by economist Julian King to quantify their important impacts without always relying on monetization. From a government perspective, the Ka Ora, Ka Ako program’s investment component will include the cost of administering the program, while the value component will be from multiple perspectives to consider both immediate and long-term impacts. We will also consider the integrated set of interventions as well as each individual initiative, and align the assessment with the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework. 

Treasury’s Living Standards Framework is a NZ government tool for policy-making decisions that considers various factors to promote and improve the well-being and living standards of present and future generations.

Ka Ora Ka Ako is a healthy school lunches programme that aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to nutritious lunches to school children.