Regional Survey Of Student Health And Wellbeing

In 2020, Nourishing Hawke’s Bay completed a baseline regional survey of student health and wellbeing, involving 43 schools with Year 5 and 9 tamariki and rangatahi. Early Learning Services and primary and secondary schools’ food environments were also surveyed using the School Food Environment Review and Support Tool (FERST). This survey was repeated in 2023 using the same methods and also served as part of an evaluation of the KOKA programme in Hawke’s Bay. The objective was to develop a monitoring and feedback system to collect baseline data and establish a database of child and adolescent wellbeing indicators for the region. For more details, please refer to the following infographic:

School Survey Infographics 2023

Early Learning Services Infographics 2023

School-FERST Infographics 2023